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PORCH Limited Edition of 40

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‘Never Known’
Written by Bill Childs.
My dad.

It was the Great Depression,
and times were very hard,
he came seeking shelter,
a shed in the back yard.

In payment or compensation,
I’ll clean your yard and mow your lawn,
I’m a worker on the railway,
I leave for work just before dawn.

And so he kept his promise,
a friendship then did bond,
cups of tea upon the PORCH,
eventually became cakes and scones.

For this lady she was lonely,
she had a broken heart,
three children from a previous marriage,
she now needed a new start.

So now as fate would have it,
over a period of time,
four more children joined the family,
fathered by this other man.

The first, she was my mother,
three boys then came along,
this family now was growing fast,
this man was fit and strong.

He was dark of skin of Koori blood,
but his heart was made of gold,
I was 15 years of age,
When my mother this story she told.

Then one evening after dark,
Word had come from town,
that her man was killed on the tracks,
just south of Grafton town.

Well the family was in disoray,
their father he was gone,
they were lost and broken hearted,
hard times were still going on.

Now the welfare wanted,
the four darker skinned,
and eventually a deal was done,
that the fathers name was never told,
and his true identity was shunned.

So in a home these four did go,
brain washed in denial,
never to tell ‘your dads a blackfella’,
and out of wedlock is not in style.

But strength of character is what they had,
from this blackfella’s now still golden heart,
their mother took the secret to the grave,
and his name was ‘never known’.

PORCH is a tribute to my beautiful Nan, Mary, and the kind mysterious indigenous man who is my Great Grandfather.


M E E T Cornelia Tipuamantumirri, Artist of the beautiful Jilamara print, a design heroed on this special hat edition > P O R C H⁣.

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri was born adjacent to the present day barge landing at Pirlangimipi, around 1930. ⁣

When she was a young woman she would assist young weavers to aquire skill and knowledge in this artform. She would also teach the young ones traditional Tiwi dance.⁣

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri married Steven Tipuamantamirri as a young lady and has one child, a daughter, Dolores Tipuamantamirri. ⁣

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri also helped raise a young boy from Peppimenarti, Harry Wilson, who was part of the Stolen Generation sent to Pirlangimpi and later married the well known Peppimenarti artist Regina Wilson.⁣

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri uses the kayimwagakimi for her work, dipping the comb shaped carved ironwood into her ochre palette; shades of pinks and yellows to portray the reflections of her long life lived on the Tiwi Islands. Reflections also, of the skyes’ lights on the surface of the Arafura Sea.⁣

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri⁣
Country: Imalu Point⁣
Dance: Jarrikalani (Turtle)⁣
Photograph attached

Thank you to the wonderful folk at @o_north_o Cornelia and other indigenous artists alike, are truly supported to bring their traditional textile mastery to you and I. ⁣

It is my honour and privilege to be stitching such an exquisite textile into this new, and very petite edition of only 40 hats. Once they are sold, that is it.⁣

Cornelia’s Jilamara design, is hand screen printed on a beautiful natural tone linen cotton blend. The brim is linen and cotton, with no plastic or synthetic interfacing. Brass studs at the back allow this design 3 points of adjustment so you can alter the size to suit.

Size 56cm - 62cm. Upon special request I can make this HAT slightly smaller.

Please allow 48 hours for your HAT to be processed for shipping.

All metropolitan city deliveries will be shipped CARBON NEUTRAL via Sendle.
PO BOX and regional areas will be shipped via Australia Post.

All orders are shipped requiring a signature on delivery.

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